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Music Video Premiere: Oakland Rain Unveils Country Ballad “If You Were A Song”

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Even things that seem identical are different. Oakland Rain's Maren and Charlotte are what some would call mirror twins, an elusive condition loosely defined by opposing characteristics. For example, one is left-handed, the other is right-handed; one thinks in colors (sound-to-color synesthesia), and the other is more language centric. At the essence of Oakland Rain is the artistic and emotional interweave of the twin sisters, gorgeously epitomized by their harmony vocals. The songs explore self-evolution, compassion, mental health, social engagement, and nature. These intimate and revelatory topics are written about with a literate and cinematic flair with a broad resonance.

The sisters have released critically acclaimed EPs, written for film, and Ibsen theater, amassing more than 3 million cumulative Spotify streams. The duo has toured extensively in Norway and throughout the U.S. and Europe. Back home, they have performed at prestigious festivals and halftime shows; they have appeared on national   television and international radio; and had the honor of being chosen to play for  H.R.H. The Crown Prince and H.R.H. The Crown Princess of Norway. Their songwriting has also been mentioned on Billboard's list of recommendations.

Oakland Rain directly salutes its connection to its grandfather and its American heritage on their newest single; the evocative, pastoral country ballad, "If You Were A Song". The song is part of a bigger project that will be released later this year.



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Kathrine Wallevik


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